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Methods and technologies for circular steel making

HIYIELD stands for "Highly efficient technologies for increased yields in steelmaking processes and reduced environmental impact"

What is HIYIELD?

The project HIYIELD aims to promote a circular economy by progressively increasing the scrap uptake in three scenarios representing the current European steelmaking routes.

With the ambition to deliver relevant solutions to all steelmakers, the project consortium will work to achieve three main objectives:

  1. To maximize scrap quality by optimal technologies for removal of impurities and optimal use of alloying elements.
  2. To maximize scrap use by improved scrap identification and classification together with scrap tracking in the circular economy.
  3. To maximize product quality with further scrap uptake by charge optimization and ensuring the liquid steel analysis and thus the final steel product quality.

Our method

We will apply highly innovative methods and technologies to the steel sector such as:

  1. Deep Learning based Computer Vision for scrap identification and control
  2. Digital Scrap Information Card for scrap tracking
  3. Direct Sample analysis


Contact us

The project is coordinated from the Unit of Processes, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, KTH Royal Institute of Technology.